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The concept of \\\'losing face\\\'

Filipinos put a premium on personal honor
By Kendrick Go |

As in most Asian cultures, Filipinos would rather avoid "loss of face" or public humiliation.


Therefore, Filipinos prefer an atmosphere of calm and restraint, avoid direct confrontation, and would typically offer a polite reply coupled with a smile rather than an outright negative feedback to the other party\\\'s ideas. A "yes" may mean a lot of things therefore one should be aware of the subtleties of a particular conversation.

Filipinos hate it when they get embarassed or when they embarass others. For some entrepreneurs the \\\'shame\\\' factor can be a blessing in disguise, as some deals are done through a debt of gratitude or as a way of making amends for past transgressions. Taking the Filipinos aversion to \\\'losing face\\\' can be a crucial tool in negotiations. Only in the Philippines!

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