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The difference between a solopreneur and a side-gigger (Infographic)

Are you a 'solopreneur' or a 'side-gigger'? Know the difference between the two.
By Kate Taylor |
The difference between a solopreneur and a side-gigger (Infographic)

There are millions of people working as freelancers or independent workers globally. But, there are huge differences within this independent, entrepreneurial cohort.


One big divide: the 'solopreneurs' and the 'side-giggers.' 17.9 million 'solopreneurs' work more than 15 hours a week independently, according to MBO Partners' annual State of Independence in America report. Meanwhile, 'side-giggers' take independent side jobs, working an average of 11 hours a week.


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By 2019, the independent workforce is expected to grow by 40 million. Check out exactly who these side-giggers and solopreneurs are and how they're making money outside of corporate America in the infographic below. 



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