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The Next Big Food Entrepreneur Finalists' Secret Ingredient to Success

They've got the recipe for culinary superstardom.
The Next Big Food Entrepreneur Finalists' Secret Ingredient to Success

Now on its fifth year, the Next Big Food Entrepreneur (NBFE) is the Mercato Centrale group's way of finding the most promising and passionate food entrepreneurs, helping them attain success in the culinary world.


Among the 40 participants of this year's NBFE, these three top start-ups were chosen for their ingenuity, passion, and talent for making good food.


Brownie Bar

The Brownie Bar booth

Brownie Bar specializes in liquor brownies, with "bar" being a clever play on words referring to both the shape as well as the liquor content of their goodies. The three Brownie Bar founders are self-confessed foodies who want to give back to the community and share their love of chocolate by elevating the brownie experience.


"We wanted something that we could be proud to serve or to give, like a gift," they say.


Aiming to deliver a premium experience, they take pride in their romantic packaging and their special "brownie bitter" ingredient, which is made from liquor, chocolate, and alcohol.


Chubby Tuesday

The Chubby Tuesday guys at work

"Chubby Tuesday started as a tradition," say its four founders, who used to gather for dinner every Tuesday to escape from the stress of everyday life. It has since become a quirky burger stand that believes in serving comfort food done right. Each burger is made with love, with meat and vegetables sourced from local markets to ensure their freshness.

Their signature root-beer float sauce is also cooked for hours, guaranteeing that each and every burger is a work of passion that delivers a burst of flavor with every bite. No muss, no fuss—only good food that hits the spot every time.


Ta Mi Su

Mercato Founder RJ Ledesma interviewing the Ta Mi Su team

Ta Mi Su serves bingsu, a Korean dessert similar to our very own halo-halo but with a more focused flavor. Calling their offerings "bingsu with a twist," the founders say their rendition of the Korean dessert is infused with common Filipino ingredients like mangoes and sweetened bananas. 


The Ta Mi Su team started their venture before graduating from college, turning their thesis into a rapidly growing dessert company. With a rich history of Filipino desserts to draw from, Ta Mi Su promises to keep innovating with new products, hoping one day to be as popular as the halo-halo, the undisputed king of Filipino desserts.


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A common ingredient


Diverse as the three finalists' offerings may be, there is one common ingredient that has allowed them to stand out in a world where good food and constant innovation are the norm. That secret ingredient, their key to success, is social media. It enables them to communicate directly with their customers and build a personal relationship with them—an integral aspect of an intimate culinary environment such as Mercato Centrale.


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This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with Globe myBusiness.

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