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The perfect statement

Two young entrepreneurs are making a fortune selling t-shirts that promote school pride and more.
By Karmina De Ungria |

In a country where school spirit is taken very seriously, t-shirt company The Perfect White Shirt has carved out a niche selling products that cater to students and their school pride. Founded by Ryan Chester David and Philippe Arenillo, in early 2007, their unique brand of statement shirts has been steadily gaining customers.



[related|post]But despite its image as a top notch shirt initially built for students, the company\\\'s origins were actually borne out of a romantic gift. Indeed, it took a concerned boyfriend’s gift to his girlfriend that made the elusive white tee available to women at a pocket-friendly price.


“My girlfriend had been looking for ‘the perfect white shirt’ for the longest time, but she couldn’t find one, so I had one made for her as a gift. Me and Philippe were both unemployed at the time, and we came up with the idea of selling plain shirts then eventually ventured into graphic shirts,” David said.



With this idea in mind, the two put together P40,000 to start The Perfect White Shirt in February 2007. “We both raised our share of the capital through our first venture and jobs. When we were still in college, we sold tinapang bangus in both our neighborhoods. This venture gave us awareness of what business is all about and also gave us extra income to start The Perfect White Shirt,” says the two.


It was no surprise that the tees were immediately scooped up by women; not only were the designs a fashion statement, white tees are also a fashion staple among women, the duo said.



From simple white tees, the two slowly shifted to graphic designed shirts with themes designed by their graphic artist friends.


“We have three main themes for our products: CHANGE, PRESERVE and PRIDE. Our CHANGE shirts promote good will and positive change. Meanwhile, the PRESERVE line is our take on helping the environment. And lastly, there’s PRIDE, which promotes both national and school pride,” the duo explained.


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