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The qualities employers most desire in employees (Infographic)

Find out what personal qualities you should look for when hiring employees.
By Kate Taylor |

What do you need to succeed in business? According to a new study, it's all about your personality.


Seventy-eight percent of respondents gave "personality" a top rating compared to "skill set," at only 39%, according to a survey by digital education provider Hyper Island. "Cultural alignment" was awarded a top rating by 53% of the 500 plus professionals polled.


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“What we found most compelling about this research is how clearly it highlights that personality, not competence, is the determining factor of who's going to get the most attractive jobs among tomorrow’s recruits," said Hyper Island CEO Johanna Frelin in a statement. "Also, there is a growing desire for talent with a unique combination of skill and flexibility––people who can collaborate, adapt quickly and are enjoyable company, but also have the drive to get things done."


Check out the infographic below for more on which personal qualities are most important for entrepreneurs to cultivate. 



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qualities that matter infographic


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