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The ultimate hashtag cheat sheet (infographic)

How to use the famous hashtag (#) so your social posts can reach much more social media users? Here’s a quick guide.
By Kim Lachance Shandrow |
The ultimate hashtag cheat sheet (infographic)

By now you know that hashtags (#) are like clickable magnets, drawing eyeballs to your social content. But did you know that if you use too many--more than two or so per post--it can actually drive people away? That is with the exception of Instagram, where numerous hashtag use is the norm and reel in tons of views. Eleven hashtags per post on the photo-sharing hub is the magic number...for now.


Sounds like a lot to remember? It can be. Each social platform has its own unwritten rules for hashtaggery and they’re constantly changing.


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On Twitter, tweets bearing hashtags rack up double the engagement (clicks, retweets, replies, and favorites). On Google+--surprise--you don’t even have to add hashtags to your posts. The Big G’s social network automatically adds them for you, but you can edit them and add your own to better target your audience.



Over on Facebook, where hashtags yielded sluggish engagement at first, hashtagged posts pack 0.80% more viral punch per Facebook Page fan, according to Entrepreneur contributor and KISSMetrics co-founder Neil Patel. The social-media expert put together the helpful hashtag cheat sheet below, published on his blog Quick Sprout, to help social-media marketers know how many hashtags to use on which social platforms and why.


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Here’s how you can start hashtagging like a pro:  



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