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Things to consider before opening a laundry shop business

Learn tips from a laundry shop business veteran
By Carlo P. Mallo |

It may be considered a dirty job by most, but the laundry shop business is a thriving industry in highly urbanized cities such as Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao.

The growing number of Filipinos opting to live in mid-rise and high-rise condominiums, owing to the lack of space where to hang and dry clothes, has spurred the growth of the laundry business in the Philippines.

Washing the dirty linens may not be a bad thing after all as every whirl of the washing machine and every steam released by the dryer generates ka-ching for you. Entrepreneur Philippines had a one-on-one interview with Monina Atienza-Santos about the ins and outs of setting up a laundry shop business

Starting nearly 10 years ago, MR. Laundry Shop was born in Quezon City with an initial investment of only P100,000 that was used to lease a space, hire staff,  buy two washing and drying machines, and other products needed for the business like detergents, signage, and plastic wraps.


Washing clothes may be easy, but running a laundry shop is no walk in the park. To get your laundry shop venture up and running, here are five must-haves in this kind of  business from MR. Laundry Shop owner Monina Atienza-Santos:

1. Reliable staff

More than anything else in this business, competent, reliable and trustworthy staff will be the life support system that your business will need in order to survive. “It took me two years to find that staff who I can trust.  Now she has been with me for eight  years already. It’s a give and take system between the owner and the staff. If you do not compensate them well, they will try to get back at you in other ways, such as pilferage. If you pay them well for their good performance, you will earn each other’s trust,” says Atienza-Santos.

2. Fixing the leak
Plugging the holes in a leaking pipe is one thing that a laundry shop owner must deal with everyday.
And it does not only refer to actual leaking pipes, but other holes in the daily processes of the laundry shop that lead to wastage or pilferage of products.


“A good inventory system will save you thousands of pesos. Being the owner, it is important that you get to see all the procedures and see places where one can improve efficiency or if not, at least you can easily spot where there might be pilferage going on. Unless you have full faith and confidence in your staff or the person manning your shop, you have to constantly monitor it.”


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