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To her credit

Anita Buce started in business borrowing from neighborhood markets to stock her store. Her deft use of credit has served her in good stead, enabling her to become one of the top grossing beverage distributors in the country today.
By Marie Ann Fajardo |
<>School of hard knocks
Anita Buce’s advice on starting small and making it big in business:

• Be very hands-on. She herself goes to the palengke every day for her employees’ meals, checks the inventory in all warehouses during the day – including those in the delivery trucks before they leave the warehouse – and stays in her office way past midnight or until all the books are closed. These have allowed Buce to keep overhead costs down.


• Cash only please. Keeping all her transactions on cash basis leaves no room for deception, and has won for her bigger discounts from San Miguel.


• Stick to the winning formula. She has stayed with San Miguel because the relationship has been mutually beneficial.


• Be resourceful. Buce is one who never misses an opportunity to make money. During the Christmas holidays, she keeps her warehouses open round-the-clock to meet the huge demand for her beverages.


• Adjust. Although San Miguel is stricter with its dealers now, changing its policies to include fixed payments for its dealers, Buce has always been willing to adapt to these policy shifts.



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