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To tweet, or not to tweet

Twitter can be an effective social media marketing tool for businesses. How can any brand make the most out of it? Here are useful insights.
By International Institute of Digital Marketing |
To tweet, or not to tweet

Believe it or not, the micro-blogging site Twitter was originally designed for mobile devices when it was launched in 2006. Hence, the 140-character text message (or tweet) is more relevant than ever, especially with more and more people accessing the Internet through mobile devices.

During the recent International Institute of Digital Marketer lecture, Yves Gonzales, the social command head of MRM/McCann Manila, outlined Twitter’s advantage to a brand.

“Unlike Facebook, tweets are almost always public and completely searchable,” he said. “Brand messages are displayed unfiltered and in real-time. It has the ability to reach out to consumers directly from thin air.”

While consumers have less expectations of intimacy using this platform, Gonzales commends its ability to have full ownership of a brand’s page.

“There will be no throttling of brands in the consumer timelines,” he added. “Plus, Twitter is pretty resistant to vandalism and trolling.”

Interesting tweets

Gonzales used to handle the digital PR tools of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) including its Twitter account from 2010 to 2013.

During this time, Gonzales had been responsible for functional tweets such as traffic and accident updates and advisories, complete with photo diagrams and infographics, real-time answers to motorists’ queries, as well as witty posts that just brighten up anyone’s day.

Take for instance this traffic advisory tweet when a university’s celebration affected traffic in the C5-Katipunan area: “Congratulations Ateneo Lady Eagles for winning their 1st UAAP volleyball crown. ONE BIG traffic C5 NB Aurora-Ateneo.”

Effective strategy

For Twitter newbies, Gonzales has this advice: start first by defining the persona by choosing a short and easy to remember username. They should be able to define the purpose of the account internally and externally.

“You have to set your followers’ expectations by writing these into your user profile,” he advised. “From then on, you can build the account’s personality as you go along.”

If you do it right, a 140-character message is all you need to catapult your brand to success.

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