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Top reasons for restaurant success in Cebu

And how many steps it takes to register your business
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Starting a restaurant business and succeeding in Cebu today is easier than it was several years ago.

Aside from having only 15 steps to register your business, the city is also home to a strong export and tourism market.

One of Cebu’s restaurateurs, Kenneth Lim, highlights three reasons why it’s so much easier to start your food business in the Queen City of the South today. These are also the same factors to watch out for when considering opening a restaurant anywhere in the country. Lim, who counts three restaurants under his belt, shares his reasons here:

1.    Income
“More and more people are eating out as income has generally grown over the years. With more BPO (business process outsourcing) companies dotting the city, the market has grown making it ideal for you to start your food business,” says Lim.

2.    Lower cost
“There are more restaurants today, and with that, there are a lot of new suppliers coming in who are offering competitive prices for their products. The competitive market of suppliers has forced prices to go down, which is advantageous for those who want to start their own restaurants,” says Lim.

3.    Adventurous dining
“Unlike before, there are more people who are willing to try new things today. So whether you are offering traditional fare or new cuisine, more people would want to try your menu,” says Lim, who is planning on bringing a new restaurant concept to Cebu in the next couple of weeks.


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