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Train your mind to picture success

Our life coach teaches an exercise on how you can train our mind to use the Big Picture Experience to bring success.
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When you\\\'re just starting out in your business one of the most powerful resources you have is your passion which you can leverage in a variety of ways. One leveraging tool which can be extremely effective at quickly bringing success is something that I call the "Big Picture Experience."

Let me tell you why this is so powerful: In the movie The Secret, quantum physicists and medical doctors alike agreed on three breakthrough discoveries about the human mind:

1) That people\\\'s life situations are always caused by their deep-seated beliefs and expectations. Plastic surgeon Dr. Maxwell Maltz supports this in his book Psycho-Cybernetics. He wondered why more than 80% of his patients still felt unhappy even after receiving the surgery they wanted. He found that the reason was they still retained their old beliefs about themselves (causing the people around them to treat them the same way, too).

2) That real life change only begins to happen NOT after reading or hearing about something, but after actually experiencing it.


3) That the human mind actually can NOT distinguish between what we imagine from what we actually experience. So if we can imagine something so fully and completely that our minds cannot tell it apart from reality, then we have no choice but to make it happen.

Have you ever given yourself the chance to really experience this? Remember, "learning" about something isn\\\'t the same as experiencing it.


Here\\\'s what you can do:
1. Imagine what a successful day would look like, feel like, sound like, smell like? and write it down. The more multi-sensory your ?story? is, the more your mind would be able to experience it and believe in it. Professional life coaches often do this for you as part of your coaching package, and will even send you a recording that includes relaxation techniques that help your mind absorb it faster.


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