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Travel tips for the busy entrepreneur (Part I)

How you can make your business trip easy
By Carlo P. Mallo |

Traveling is part of every entrepreneur’s life - whether you are looking for suppliers, new clients, or a new location for your business. Unlike before, traveling now is more accessible, thanks to cheaper airfares and online bookings.

Here are some tips that has compiled on how you can make the most out of your business trips:
1.    Book early. Aside from getting cheaper airfare, you would also be able to fix your itinerary for the day – schedule meetings, do ocular inspection for locations, and squeeze in a break.

2.    Fly in, fly out. To save on hotel accommodations, try to do all your tasks during office hours. If you are just flying domestic, you can fly in on the second flight of the day and arrive at your destination just as business starts. You can then take the last flight out and be home before midnight.

3.     Travel light. Do not bring any check in luggage as this can only consume more time. An overnight bag will do, with a set of spare clothes and toiletries.

4.    Charge your gadgets. Make sure that your mobile phone and laptop batteries are fully charged. It can be a hassle looking for an outlet at the airport or in the middle of your meetings.

5.    Dress well. You don’t have to fly business class for you to dress well during flights. Aside from looking good in flight, dressing well will allow you to go directly to your meetings as soon as your plane lands in your destination.



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