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Travel tips for the busy entrepreneur (Part II)

How you can make your trips easier
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Traveling is part of every entrepreneur’s life - whether you are looking for suppliers, new clients, or a new location for your business. Unlike before, traveling now is more accessible, thanks to cheaper airfares and online bookings.

Here is the second part of a series of tips that compiled on how you can make the most out of your business trips:

6. Eat. Before the flight, make sure to eat at least a light meal. Delays in the country’s airports are the rule rather than the exception. And with most airlines cutting costs, you can’t expect a hot meal during the two-hour flights.

7. Prepare loose change. If you can prepare the exact amount for terminal fees, travel taxes, and taxi fares, better. Preparing loose change will save you and others the time and hassle in the long queues in the airport.

8. Provide enough leeway for delays. Do not schedule your flights within the hour of your estimated time of arrival. Delays, traffic jams, and other unexpected events  might arise upon your arrival.

9. Do your research and write it down. Conduct a research on the people that you would want to be meeting during your trip. You can also research on the local customs of the area, it might come handy when closing a deal.

10. Be polite. A little courtesy can go a long way. It doesn’t matter how stressful your trip or flight may have been don’t lose your temper with the people in the airport. You will never know when you will encounter these people again in your future trips.



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