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Turn fireworks into an explosive business in 5 steps

Think it\\\'s just a seasonal money-making scheme? Think again.
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Many people may think fireworks are just a seasonal commodity--something that can only be sold during the holidays. For Cebu-based Brian Lim, who was obviously born to be an entrepreneur, fireworks are more than just New Year eye candies.

Lim is from the family that brought Rose Pharmacy and Salon de Rose to the market so there is no doubt about his entrepreneurial skills. But Lim pushed the envelope further when he decided to start his own business, Pyroworks, which is engaged in professional and consumer pyrotechnics or fireworks.

“For the retail side of the business, it peaks during the holidays, but for the professional fireworks, it’s something that does well the whole year round,” Lim said in an interview.

While it looks like a very exciting business, Lim admitted that it is also a very tricky one.“It will be a very challenging climb for anyone who wants to enter the fireworks industry, add to that the strict regulations in place,” Lim said.

Would you like to explore opportunities in the fireworks industry? Take note of these tips on how to succeed from the Pyroworks chief.

1. Start from the ground

“It helps you understand the whole system of running a business if you start your business from the ground up,” said Lim, who had to learn the ropes of his business on his own.

2. Take videos
Photos may speak a thousand words but only videos can tell the truth. “Other companies use photos that have been enhanced to create a better and brighter picture," Lim said. "What we show our clients are videos of our actual shows so that they know what they can expect from us."

3. Practice
“I usually visualize the shows--from the music, to the chronology of the fireworks, the design--in my mind. But not everything that I have visualized is actually possible, that is why I practice with a simulator," Lim said. He added that the simulator does not only help him visualize, it also saves him time and resources.

4. Invest in technology
A computer firing system is one of the company’s trade secrets that Lim is most proud about. Lim uses the Fire One system, which has become synonymous with precise and accurate fireworks displays. “It can be expensive but it gives you the competitive edge over your competitors,” Lim said.

5. Be patient
“It is not an easy business," Lim warned. "You have to have the patience in order to succeed or even get a foothold in this industry. From introducing your product to clients, getting clients to trust you, and earning the respect of your clients takes time; you have to be patient.”


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