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If you're not happy, stop complaining and make a change

You owe it to yourself to make a change—life is too short to delay any longer.
By Jonathan Long |


How many times have you seen an, “Ugh, I hate Mondays” post on social media? Or how about the classic “FML” status update? F**k your life? Seriously?


Those who are completely happy have put themselves in that position because anything other than happiness just is not acceptable. They made sacrifices and worked hard until they reached the level of happiness they were striving for.



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It all comes down to identifying what it is that you want, formulating a plan to get there and then working hard until you reach your desired goal. It has nothing to do with luck.


I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it. – Thomas Jefferson


If you are unhappy, you currently have two options: You can complain about it and hope it magically changes, or you can set out to make a change. For the latter, here is a simple 4-step plan to help you achieve happiness. If you are unhappy, you owe it to yourself to make a change—life is too short to delay any longer.



1. Determine why you are unhappy.

There are several reasons why you could be unhappy—you could be working a job that you do not truly love, working with people you do not enjoy being around or doing something you are over-qualified for. 



It might not be work related at all—you might be in a dead end or unhealthy relationship. There could be a million different reasons, and it is up to you to identify them. Whatever they are, just know that you are not going to find true happiness until you first single out what the problem is. 



2. Change your attitude.

The first thing I mentioned above was the “FML” and “Ugh, I hate Mondays” social media status updates we all see on a regular basis—that type of attitude sets the tone. If you are constantly filling your head with a negative outlook, what do you expect will happen?


Negative thoughts breed negativity and unhappiness, while positive thoughts breed positivity and happiness.


When it comes down to it we are all responsible for our own happiness. The only way you will be happy is by changing your attitude and understanding that you are in full control, and fully capable of changing your situation.



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3. Create a plan to reach happiness.

When you know why you are unhappy and are armed with a positive attitude, you can start to devise a plan to achieve happiness. This is where many people hit a mental roadblock and self-doubt enters their minds.


“I’m not going to find a better job.”
“I won’t find someone else.”
“I’m too old to start a business.”


Excuses are made to justify remaining miserable. If you are serious about truly being happy you need to push all self-doubt out of your mind and commit to developing a plan to become happy. Determine what your ultimate end goal is and reverse engineer the steps you will need to take to reach it. 



4. Take action and don’t look back.

With your plan outlined it is time to move forward and never look back. Simply taking action does not guarantee results—your journey to happiness could include mistakes, rejection, and disappointment. But if you do not take action there is only one guarantee, and that is your situation will never improve and you will remain unhappy.



Happiness is not going to happen overnight—you have to continue to push forward, regardless of how difficult it may appear.


A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity. An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. – Winston Churchill


If you need a little motivation or a support group check out this online community I started. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is key.


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