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Use emotional intelligence to make more money

As business owners, it is your responsibility to deliver what your customers need and want. If you can’t meet their demands, pride and a little bit of angst would only make things worse. Here are ways to turn things positively.
By Marley Majcher |

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My go-to brain guru, Howard Gardner, taught in his book Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences that people don't possess one specific kind of intelligence but rather individuals have multiple strengths and each person carries a unique blend of them.


A lot of the smarty pants you encountered in geometry class are probably logical-mathematical types who, as Gardner purported, do well with abstractions, reasoning, numbers and critical thinking and have the capacity to "understand the underlying principles of some kind of causal system," which logical reasoning is closely linked to.



In relation to business, there are situations where logical reasoning is sometimes misunderstood. For example, how can business owners give the customers what and how they want it? Most entrepreneurs build their businesses backward.


But giving clients what they think they need is best delivered by using emotional intelligence.  


customer_satisfaction.jpgHere's my formula for using emotional intelligence to make more money and save everyone a lot of angst:



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1. Identify a target audience that's big enough to serve, yet niche enough so you're not everything to everyone and ideally a group that's very frustrated with the options currently available.


2. Get inside their heads and identify exactly what's keeping them up at night.


3. Present a solution that blows away the competition. Find a bold alternative that works.


4. Meet your customers where they are. Just give them what they want, when they want it. Period. It's the crux of selling in the new luxury market and applies to every market as long as you can charge appropriately.


5. Get over yourself. Who cares if you think proofs or spreadsheets should be formatted in a certain way. Move over superstar, successful people in business don't focus on their way: They focus on their customer's way.



Remember, passion is great: Most entrepreneurs build their businesses around something they're passionate about doing, which is crucial to company longevity and success. But they cannot lose sight of who signs the paychecks: the customer.


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