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Ways to make your customers happy

Little things that show your customers that you take your business seriously!
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Follow these do\\\'s and don\\\'ts to please your market.


1.    Smile, even if the customer walks away without making a purchase.

Hey, perhaps you did not have the product the customer was looking for that time. But if you were helpful and made the shopping experience pleasant, the customer would remember to go back to you the next time around.


2.    Make it easier for repeat customers to complete their reward cards and not ask the impossible in order to gain points.

Customers will in turn reward you with repeat business if you are not asking them to go to your coffee shop every time they need a caffeine fix. Remember the adage: familiarity breeds contempt.

3.    Shorten the recorded spiels of your automated customer answering service.

While customers understand that you are simply taking advantage of their undivided attention during calls, try not to tax the customer who just lost his credit card with long-winded advertising before he finally gets to talk to a live customer service officer.



4.    Know how to say the same things several different ways.

Being greeted by overly enthusiastic gasoline station attendants in the dead of the night with a memorialized sales pitch, when you just want to fill up your tank in order to make it home to your comfortable bed, is simply annoying.

5.    Be knowledgeable about what you are selling.

For instance, not all bookstore attendants have to be bibliophiles, but do not offer a Richard Corben comic book when the customer is asking for a Harlan Coben novel.

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