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Ways to make your customers happy

Little things that show your customers that you take your business seriously!
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6.    Take responsibility, and even the blame, when the customer is fuming mad.

Yes, the customer is always right, always. A simple, “I am sorry, I am at fault’ can repair any damage–founded or unfounded—that can forever taint your reputation.


7.    Offer suitable alternatives when this customer’s first choice is not available.

As long as the customer is in your store, try to complete a sale. Do not just pretend, however, that you have run out of stock of whatever the customer is asking for, just so you could push the sale of another item.


8.    Give official receipts every time you accept payments, and not only when we remember to ask for them.

If you don’t give us ORs, we would only think that you are one of those businesses that do not pay taxes properly.

9.    Have a designated officer in charge whenever we ask to talk to the manager.

We value your products and services enough to ask to talk to your manager; it is only right that you reciprocate by talking to us.


10.    Ask customers to fill in feedback forms regularly, and not only during evaluation time.

It is so obvious to customers that your staff may be acting overzealously during staff evaluation periods. If we could fill in those forms when they least expect it, maybe we would get consistent service every time we went to your store.

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