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What is the best ad strategy for a startup?

Henry Ong recommends low-cost, non-traditional and highly effective advertising strategy for a startup
By Henry Ong |

Q:  What is the best advertising strategy for a startup?

 A: The best approach is to use the non-traditional, highly effective and  low-cost marketing strategy known as "Guerrilla Marketing" to market your product and services.

According to best selling author of Guerrilla Marketing in 30 days Al Lautenslager, Guerrilla Marketing is about gaining the maximum exposure for a company, event, product, service or a person with minimum amount of cash. Instead of spending a big budget, you rely on time, energy and information to attract prospects to look into your product.

For example, if you are in the retail business, you can create events or contests.  The event can be an open house, or meet an expert or a popular politician to draw crowd to your store. Or you can create contests where customers can guess the number of products in a basket for a prize.

The other approach is to keep track of your customers and prospects. You can put their email addresses in your database and send them regular updates on your latest products and promotion.

Henry Ong, CMC, CMA, is president and COO of Business Sense, a business advisory firm that provides expert solutions to small and medium sized companies. You may reach him at


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