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What it takes to be a small business owner (Infographic)

Juggling various roles at a time is only one of the many challenges small business owners must deal with.
By Geoff Weiss and Geoff Weiss |
What it takes to be a small business owner (Infographic)


Being a small-business owner isn't easy, but an overwhelming majority of entrepreneurs wouldn’t have it any other way.


While small-business owners cite “having to wear so many hats” and “finding new customers” as their biggest concerns, according to the below infographic courtesy of online marketing company Constant Contact, a whopping 84% said that, if given the opportunity, they would start up all over again. The “ability to pursue their passion” and the freedom that an entrepreneurial lifestyle allows are their biggest motivators, they said.


And that’s a good thing, because small business continues to contribute to the global economy in huge ways. Roughly half of all U.S. jobs are provided by companies of less than 500 employees, and 54% of U.S. sales happen at small businesses. Additionally, small businesses donate 250% more than larger corporations to nonprofits and other charities.


For additional stats, check out the infographic below.



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Photo from Flickr (Oliver Oberdorf)

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