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What\\\'s your entrepreneurial archetype? (Part 1)

Understanding what kind of entrepreneur you are can help you achieve success.
By Aileen Santos, CPC MAC |

Most people react in automatic ways to certain situations without even realizing it. If someone cuts in front of you during a traffic jam, for example, your automatic reaction could be, "What a jerk!" or, "Maybe he really needs to go to the bathroom."


You don\\\'t consciously think about your reactions, but they automatically get triggered at certain moments. Often they\\\'re even powerful enough to override your logic and good judgment.


Because money is such an emotional symbol for many of us, it tends to trigger a LOT of our automatic thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. And because the essence of entrepreneurship includes managing the flow of money in your life, becoming more aware of your unconscious behaviors towards money will help you replicate the behaviors that benefit you, and stop doing the things that don\\\'t.


The 8 Entrepreneurial Archetypes: Which One Are You?
Based on financial advisor Deborah Price\\\'s 8 Money Archetypes, these 8 Entrepreneurial Archetypes can help you understand your unconscious attitudes and behaviors towards money and business, and help you become a more empowered entrepreneur.



"Archetypes are unconscious behaviors, not personalities," Price clarifies. "All of these archetypes exist inside each of us. It\\\'s just a question of which one is the loudest at any given time."

Review the descriptions for each archetype, and honestly ask yourself which one best describes your current behavior towards starting, running, and growing your business. Then, read the advice we give on how you can maximize your current archetype to achieve the success you want, and try to apply one growth strategy this week.


Archetype 1: The Idealist
Your Strength: Your heart is in the right place: you see your business not just as an opportunity to create abundance in your life, but you also as a way for you to positively change the world.


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