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What your handwriting may reveal about your confidence (infographic)

Interestingly, your handwriting may give away some clues not just about your personality but also about your level of confidence.
By Geoff Weiss |

When it comes to graphology, or the study of how one's handwriting can divulge latent personality traits, analysts suggest paying special attention to the letters 'i,' 't,' 'o' and 's.'


Do you dot your 'i's with an open circle? According to the below infographic, created by the National Pen Company, you might be a child-like visionary. Short 't' crosses, on the other hand, can indicate laziness and a lack of determination, while closed-off 'o's tend to denote introversion and wide, cursive 's's suggest you might not be following your heart.


While the principles behind graphology can seem overtly obvious, and the field is often dismissed as a pseudoscience, believers suggest that handwriting analysis can even provide a glimpse into critical medical issues. Writing with varying pressure can be an indicator of high blood pressure, for instance, and erratically slanted letters can be a symptom of schizophrenia.

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For more tidbits, check out the infographic below:


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