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What your personality type says about your career destiny (Infographic)

What does your personality type say about your future as an entrepreneur?
By Kate Taylor |


What does your personality type have to do with being an entrepreneur? Quite a bit, according to a recent study.


Truity Psychometrics, a personality test developer, surveyed more than 25,000 volunteers about their careers and personalities. Covering topics such as job satisfaction, income and self-employment, Truity charted the differences between each of 16 different personality types. (The personality types were modeled on the theories of Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs.)



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According to the findings, ENTPs are more likely to be self-employed than any other type. Extroverted types in general are more satisfied at work than introverted types, averaging a 3.77 satisfaction level out of 5, compared to introverts’ 3.39. Extroverts also tend to make more money than introverts.


Check out the infographic below for what your personality type might say about your future as an entrepreneur.




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