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What's your entrepreneurial archetype? (Part 3)

Knowing your entrepreneurial archetype can spell the difference in how you start, run and grow your business.
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In the past two weeks we covered the first 5 of the 8 Entrepreneurial Archetypes, and asked you to check if you were an Idealist, a Veteran (What's Your Entrepreneurial Archetype?),  a Warrior, a Rescuer, or an Adventurer (What's Your Entrepreneurial Archetype? (Part 2)). This week we'll describe the last three kinds of entrepreneurs. Read the descriptions for each one and decide if any of them best describes your current behavior when it comes to starting, running, and growing your business.

Go through our past 6 archetypes to compare (and decide on what your real type is), read our tips on how you can maximize your archetype to achieve the success you want, and apply one growth strategy this week.

Archetype 6: The Creative

Your Strength: You see your business as a way to express your artistic skills - and a means to fund and develop it further.

Your Weakness: You often have a love-hate relationship with money. You love how it can help you support and achieve your spiritual and artistic growth, but you hate how it seems to control and take over your life.


Your Growth Goal: Realize that your business growth - just like your artistic development - is closely tied with your spiritual path, not just in terms of the money it can give you, but the impact you can make on the world.
Seek out mentors in the creative industry who have combined business and financial growth with an authentic expression of who they are, and learn how you can reach and help more people with the spiritual and artistic gifts you offer.

Archetype 7: The Controller

Your Strength: You often find that, whenever you truly set your mind on your goals, you will eventually get everything you need and desire.

Your Weakness: You have a great need to control every aspect of your business, from people to events and circumstances. Deep inside you feel losing control - and losing everything you worked hard for - giving you little peace of mind.


Your Growth Goal: Recognize and admit that any kind of angry feelings you have are actually fears in disguise. Know yourself better and learn to master your emotions. Have everything detailed in writing when you work with people, so that you can remind yourself of your own boundaries, and start letting go of those things that you need to entrust to others.

Archetype 8: The Magician

Your Strength: You know how to turn your goals and dreams into financial and business realities. You have made peace with your past, identified and replaced unhealthy patterns, and take joyful responsibility for your actions and decisions.

Your Weakness: You already know what they are, and are continually learning to transform them.

Your Growth Goal: Because yours is the 'ideal' entrepreneurial type, all you need to do is continue on the path you're now on. Continue respecting money as an important tool without having to be defined by it; continue using you abundance generously, yet purposefully.

(Check out the past 2 Work-Life articles to review all 8 Entrepreneurial Archetypes, and figure out which one best describes you!)

Aileen Santos is an internationally certified Work-Life ReInvention Coach & A-Ha! Trainer who helps overwhelmed leaders & entrepreneurs achieve balance & success in the things that truly matter. For more information on her coaching & training programs, visit


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