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Where to get more energy to manage your business

Learn better energy management skills beyond mastering your to-do list
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<>Energy Boosters are the people, habits, thoughts, and things that increase your energy when you come in contact with them, and after such encounters you find yourself more passionate about your business and more energetic about getting things done.

  • Have you ever felt more energized to face the challenges in your business after being in contact with other entrepreneurs? A good reason for this is that their positive, take-action energy rubs off on you and can also increase your own, making you feel more enthusiastic (and optimistic) about doing the business tasks ahead of you.
  • Many entrepreneurs tell me they get their best money-making ideas while in the shower or while they\\\'re engaged in their hobbies. The bottom line is: a relaxed mind is actually a more focused mind; and a focused mind is what grows your business.
  • Exercise is another energy booster but many entrepreneurs pass up on this because "it takes time away from the business." But think of your time investment this way: if 30 minutes of engaging in the right kind of exercise gives you two more hours of focused energy throughout the day, then exercise actually gives you the ability to produce more money-making output in less time!


Put another way, "better energy management habits" is simply the same as "better mental and physical health habits." As your business takes off and brings you an abundance of money, you know you will enjoy it best when you also have an abundance of health to use it.


Aileen Santos is an internationally certified Work-Life ReInvention Coach and A-Ha! Trainer who helps overwhelmed leaders and entrepreneurs achieve balance and success in the things that truly matter. 

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