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Winning the day starts with winning the morning

Jumpstart your morning with these tips from a former football star. He shares with us his insights about winning on a daily basis.
By Matt Mayberry |
Winning the day starts with winning the morning

We should realize how important it is to choose how we spend our mornings. If you don’t start your morning off well, it’s almost a guarantee you will have a below average day. On the flip side, if you develop a morning routine that empowers you, uplifts your spirit, and leaves you feeling like there is nothing that you cannot do, chances are you will achieve high productivity, maximum performance, and massive amounts of success.


How do you manage to get so much done? You may strategically plan your mornings, and be very selective of the people and things that receive your attention.


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Here are three things you can do to help make sure your mornings are extremely beneficial.


1. Be an early riser.


There is something magical about waking up before the rest of the world. History has shown us that the most decorated men and women who operate at a world-class level in their line of work all cherished the early morning hours. This is a time where you can sit in complete solitude to think about your goals, ambitions, and life in general. Minimize distractions and completely focus on what matters most--yourself.



2. Have a plan for your day. 


A huge mistake that can almost guarantee mediocrity is going about your day without a plan. Plan your day the night before. Not only will this help fall asleep at night because you have removed all the clutter from your head, but you will know exactly what has to get done the following day.


3. Develop a morning routine that works for you.


Take an hour in the morning to go through what you may call your ‘Hour to Greatness.’ This is where you can rewrite your goals, read an uplifting book for 15 minutes, spend time in solitude, and get your mind, body, and spirit ready for the day ahead.


The most important thing is that you find a routine that works for you. What works for someone else may not be the most efficient routine for your lifestyle. Winning the day starts with winning the morning.



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