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Pag-IBIG's Savings Plan is Still Better than Most Time Deposits with 7.11% Annual Rate

Pag-IBIG's MP2 Savings program has been offering above-market dividend rates for the past eight years

Many people who are employed may not notice the meager amount deducted from their monthly salaries that go to their Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-IBIG) accounts. After all, what's a few hundred pesos?But cumulatively, and most especially when checked years after the ...

by Elyssa Christine Lopez for Esquire Philippines  | May 06, 2019 08:00:00
News and Events

Voluntary Placements Double for Pag-IBIG's Tax-Free Savings Plan That Pay 8.1% p.a

MP2 program pays yields higher than time deposits or bonds on contributions as low Php500 a month

Members of the Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-IBIG), a government-run savings and mortgage fund, are setting aside large amounts of money and placing these in a special savings program that provides above-market returns for placements maintained for five years.Voluntary contributions to Pag-IBIG ...

by Elyssa Christine Lopez  | July 31, 2018 10:00:00
Startup Tips

How helps entrepreneurs avail of affordable health care

Let this startup help you with your other back-end needs.

Freedom, flexibility, and the chance to be your own boss—these are some of the things that freelancers, entrepreneurs, and the self-employed enjoy, as the Internet has provided everyone with more options when it comes to how they work and what they work ...

by Zar Castro  | May 25, 2016 08:00:00
Startup Tips

3 ways to find the right housing loan for you

Really, the best time to borrow is now.

For entrepreneurs, owning a home must be a dream come true. It speaks of their success and can be considered a legacy to their family. But owning a home requires a lot of cash and is a huge drain on anyone’s bank ...

by Rienzie P. Biolena, RFP  | May 23, 2016 03:00:00
Startup Tips

Business registration for new entrepreneurs

Registration of business requires completion and submission of specific documents to the right government agencies. The process will be easier and faster if entrepreneurs would know about the flow of paperwork. Here is a simple guide.

by Renz Lyndon Paguio  | June 05, 2014 03:00:00