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Startup Tips

How to Turn 52,000 Poor Farmers into Prosperous Entrepreneurs: Lessons From an Indonesian Social Enterprise

The company connects the farmers’ products with leading retailers and restaurants around the world

Javara is an Indonesian social enterprise aiming to preserve the country’s food biodiversity by empowering its indigenous farmersMention Indonesia and perhaps the first things that come to mind are its tourist attractions such as its beaches and temples. Others may mention Jakarta ...

by Lorenzo Kyle Subido  | February 05, 2018 09:00:00
Run & Grow

'Yolanda' Survivor Discovers Multi-Million Peso Mushroom Business Almost By Accident

Former Navy Captain is now a regular supplier of oyster mushrooms to SM Supermarkets in the Visayas

Troy Bumagat had his plans for early retirement from the Philippine Navy all laid out. In 2010, three years before he planned to leave his post as Navy captain, the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) graduate bought a four-hectare agricultural lot in Kananga, ...

by Cherrie Regalado  | July 10, 2017 11:00:00
News and Events

VP Robredo calls for partnerships with private sector

Impact investing, inclusive agribusiness, microentrepreneurship pushed

Vice President Leni Robredo called on private companies to work with the government in its fight against inequality and poverty through partnerships, in a speech on Wednesday, August 31 at the Brewing@AIM (Asian Institute of Management) in Makati.Speaking before AIM alumni who are ...

by Elyssa Christine Lopez  | August 31, 2016 05:00:00

How big data is shaping agriculture

Farmers are now using real-time information to increase land productivity.

For the past few years, big data has allowed businesses to harness information to produce insights that can lead to actionable solutions and strategies. Whether it is in healthcare, retail, or even politics, big data is being used to improve services and create ...

by Toni Antiporda  | February 04, 2016 12:00:00
News and Events

Agribusiness: Key to inclusive growth in the Philippines

Innovation is underutilized in the country's agriculture sector, agribusiness experts point out.

MANILA, Philippines – Inclusive growth in the Philippines must start with agriculture, the university researchers, policy makers, and social entrepreneurs present at the Philippine Government University Industry Research Roundtable (PGUIRR) meeting for agribusiness said on Thursday, January 21.Inclusive growth is one of ...

by Toni Antiporda  | January 22, 2016 04:00:00
Business Ideas

Starting a farm in your own backyard

Practice your farming skills by starting at home.

Can’t put up your own farm yet? You can have a ‘micro-farm’ experience and contribute to greening the earth by starting your own herb garden in your patch of the concrete jungle.Laurel Bangaoet, who started Tomay Farms in Benguet in December 2004 ...

by Mari-An C. Santos  | May 21, 2015 07:00:00
Business Ideas

Local coffee farmers get much-needed support from the private sector

A third-generation farmer and a food giant's direct-buying stations prove that locally grown green beans are still worth a lot of greenbacks.

Coffee is known as ‘black gold’ in coffee-producing countries such as Brazil, Vietnam, and Indonesia for its profitability; no wonder it’s touted as the second-most traded commodity in the world after oil or petroleum.Sadly, that’s no longer the case here in the ...

by Jonas Reyes  | May 04, 2015 07:00:00
Business Ideas

Head start: Social enterprise helps Isabela farmers overcome climate change, debt problems

This cooperative saw the potential of putting up a dairy business in Isabela, giving the farmers an alternative source of income.

The Philippines experiences an average of 20 typhoons every year, resulting to floods and other damage to properties, usually affecting millions of Filipinos across the country. A big percentage of those greatly affected by these calamities belong to the agricultural industry. Farmers ...

by MJ Dinglasan and MJ Dinglasan  | April 28, 2015 09:00:00
Business Ideas

Backyard farms get much-needed boost

Through this campaign, businesses and entrepreneurs are encouraged to support homegrown/backyard farmers and their communities.

If a resort owner wants farm-fresh eggs every day, he’s better off sourcing them from a small-time, independent backyard livestock farmer within the same locality. That’s the logic behind the Mahalin Pagkaing Atin campaign-to encourage corporations and entrepreneurs to support homegrown farms ...

by Johanna Poblete  | March 11, 2015 02:00:00
Business Ideas

Sowing the seeds of an organic business

As the organic movement gains ground, more people are appreciating its benefits-not just to health, but also to the environment. This 'fashionable' entrepreneur tells us how.

“Our initial intention was to farm our own vegetables for personal consumption so we could be sure that no toxins or harmful inputs would be introduced in the process,” says fashion designer, businesswoman, and mother of three, Hindy Weber-Tantoco on how the ...

by Peter Imbong  | February 26, 2015 11:30:00
News and Events

Agripreneurs face challenges prior to ASEAN Integration 2015

The Philippine agriculture sector is expected to benefit from the upcoming ASEAN integration if the government and the agriculture sector take sufficient preparations together.

by Press Release  | November 03, 2014 05:00:00

From farm to table: Calata Corp covers the food chain

Calata Corp literally covers the local food chain with its farm-to-table business model. Learn more about this aggressively growing agricultural conglomerate.

by James Humarang  | October 02, 2014 04:00:00
FirstDibs in Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Rapid recovery agriculture in time of the 'new normal'

Amid the growing impact of climate change to the agriculture sector, the experts are now advocating for the adoption of strategic techniques to improve resilience of farms so that food production would not be significantly affected.

Dear Amor,I have a small business here in Manila and I’m proud to say that I source my ingredients locally from some of my relatives who own vast farmlands in our province. The thing is, I’m a bit worried with the prospect ...

by Amor Maclang  | October 01, 2014 03:00:00