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Startup Tips

How Much Should a Quality Logo Really Cost?

Designing a strong logo can reap endless rewards from increased awareness to long-term loyalty

Most companies know that they simply can’t afford to botch their logo: it will serve as the first impression and ongoing initial point of contact with all potential customers. Whereas an emotionally-charged, aesthetically-pleasing logo can draw customers to a brand, a poorly ...

by Andrew Medal  | April 21, 2017 12:00:00
Startup Tips

The 6 biggest mistakes to avoid when building a brand

When it comes to branding decisions, sometimes one bad mistake can derail even the best idea.

Q: What are the most common mistakes we should avoid when building a brand?A: Being an entrepreneur and launching a brand is not easy. It takes a lot of skill, hard work, and usually a little luck. When it comes to branding decisions, sometimes ...

by Laura Ries  | March 01, 2016 11:00:00
Business Ideas

A lesson in rebranding

Rebranding is a strategy in which a new design is used to represent a new identity.

Rebranding is a strategy in which a new design is used to represent a new identity. It is best to reinvent but to still keep things familiar. The rebranded Tiger Air Philippines, formerly South East Asian Airlines (SEAir) Inc., will soon be ...

July 04, 2013 01:00:00
Business Ideas

Building successful brands

The talk, The Road to Growth: Building Successful Brands, mapped out what entrepreneurs can do to define their product\\\'s brand identity.

When entrepreneurs set out to make their business dreams a reality, marketing efforts are often overlooked. You will need to focus on your brand identity seriously if you want to take your company product forward. Franchise consulting company Francorp and its marketing ...

March 08, 2013 01:00:00
Business Ideas

What is your story?

Do you need to reintroduce your brand to the market? Try these three things.

Everybody loves a good story. It’s the same with business: if you don’t tell a good story about your brand, people may just forget about it.That’s what happened in the Philippines to Ellesse (pronounced “el-ess”), a half-century-old Italian sportswear brand that made ...

by Jimbo Owen Gulle  | July 04, 2012 03:00:00
Business Ideas

From Tokyo to Manila: Clothing brand makes high-quality, affordable basics

UNIQLO opens its first store at SM Mall of Asia.

The world is getting smaller. With news of the improving local economy and regional optimism in general, it\\\'s no surprise that more Asian brands are entering the country. This means more choices at competitive  prices for consumers. You almost no longer need ...

June 15, 2012 05:00:00
Business Ideas

Using contests to create brand visibility

With the popularity of social media, it is easier for contests to go viral with little to no need for traditional advertising.

One of the best ways to create brand visibility for your product is to hold a contest with exciting prizes. With the popularity of social media, it is now easier for contests to go viral with little to no need for traditional ...

March 08, 2012 10:00:00
Business Ideas

The brand is the justification

Branding is a tangible advantage that allows you to charge more.

With the myriad aspects that need your attention when running a business, it can be easy to overlook your product\\\'s branding. Branding is defined by the American Marketing Association as a "name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one ...

February 21, 2012 04:00:00
Business Ideas

Keeping your brand fresh (Part 1)

Your business also needs a facelift.

The new year is just around the corner and and there is no better way to usher in new beginnings than with a fresh brand. Every business needs the occasional facelift, and NOW is the perfect time to do that.Keep your brand ...

December 16, 2011 02:00:00
Business Ideas

The hotel is reborn under new management.

The trend in real estate these days is to acquire an old property, destroy everything in the lot and build a new high-rise condominium, a giant mall, a BPO building, or maybe a mixture of the three.When the Cuevas family purchased the ...

by Carlo P. Mallo  | December 01, 2011 10:00:00
Business Ideas

How to modernize your company image

Read how Joey Qua revitalized the almost 40-year-old Collezione brand

It was in 2000 when Joey Qua, fresh from the United States, came home and took over the reigns of the now nearly 40-year-old Collezione brand from his father, Henry Qua.Seeking to bring back the classic brand while appealing to a new ...

October 06, 2011 09:00:00