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12 Senate bills to benefit local entrepreneurs

Which of these laws can best boost your business?

A number of senators at the upper house of the 17th Congress of the Philippines have filed bills that would help local businesses, ranging from reforming the corporate income tax to helping small and medium businesses look for funding.Here are 12 pending ...

by Joseph Nacino  | November 23, 2016 07:00:00
Startup Tips

The confidentiality agreement

A confidentiality agreement is a pledge by a person not to disseminate confidential information on another person or entity, but to use such information for nothing other than to do a particular service. Examples of confidential agreements are those between lawyers and ...

by Riva Khristine Maala  | May 08, 2013 01:00:00
Startup Tips

Buy or sell a business the right way

Buying an enterprise or selling yours? Take legal advice before you plunge in.

"Easy come, easy go" is how most people would describe their various business ventures these days.Everybody appears to have settled in for a long ride through this global economic crisis, resignedly accepting financial loss as an unavoidable pit stop. Spooked business owners ...

by Reeza Singzon  | September 04, 2012 10:00:00
Startup Tips

On profit sharing

How the profits from a business should be divided among the investors.

Q: I\\\'d like to ask what the standard profit sharing is for business investors. We are establishing a branch of our travel agency in a mall, for which we are getting two to three investors to put up at least P1 million ...

by Henry C. Ong  | July 16, 2012 01:00:00

Withholding reports from your franchisor

Are there franchise laws that pertain to the franchisees\\\' obligations on submitting reports?

Q: I would like to consult with you regarding franchise laws/regulations. Are franchise buyers entitled to withhold reports such as monthly or sales reports from their franchisors? Are there any rights or privacy clauses that are being violated? Thank you very much! ...

by Armando Bartolome  | April 24, 2012 09:00:00
Startup Tips

Can OFWs own a franchise?

Can OFWs own a franchise in absentia?

Q: I\\\'m an OFW still working abroad. I want to invest by franchising in a food cart business. I can ask my brother to manage it while I\\\'m still abroad, and just take over when I come back, but I want the ...

by Armando Bartolome  | April 06, 2012 09:00:00