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Startup Tips

How to start conversation with strangers at a networking event

Networking is more than just giving out your business cards.

One of the best ways for entrepreneurs to socialize with colleagues, customers, and potential clients is at networking events. Corporate gatherings, conferences, happy hours, and cocktail parties provide an opportunity for you to meet new people and reconnect with old acquaintances.However, if ...

by Jacqueline Whitmore  | April 11, 2015 06:02:00
Startup Tips

5 rules for successful meetings

Check out these five rules to make sure the business meetings you set become successful.

Meetings. The word has almost become synonymous with wasting time. To quote Captain Kirk, “A meeting is an event at which the minutes are kept and the hours are lost.” Call a meeting and you could almost hear the collective groan from down ...

by Charlie Harary  | March 05, 2015 12:00:00