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Startup Tips

A Php 50,000 question: 10 smart ways for productive spending

If Php 50,000 landed on your lap, how would you spend it?

There are infinite ways you can spend a sudden surge of reasonably large capital. Of course, you can put it in a savings account. But why would you?Armand Bengco, a financial advisor and executive director at the Colayco Foundation for Education Inc., ...

by Jennee Grace Rubrico, Dulce Castillo-Morales and Joe Esgerra  | September 13, 2016 03:00:00
The End Game

Source of capital savings

Grow wealth strategy: Reduced to its' essence, the key steps to grow wealth are: 1) raise capital; 2) aim for long term growth; and 3) secure recurring cash flow.

Without inherited wealth, where do you get your capital?Very few of us (less than 2% of Filipinos) are born into wealth.  Most of us will have to work and engage in some form of business or practice of a profession to make ...

by Francisco J. Colayco  | February 16, 2015 06:00:00