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Startup Tips

10 Telltale Phrases That Indicate Somebody Isn't Telling the Truth

It's harder to tell a convincing lie than speak an unpleasant truth.

Chances are, someone has lied to you today and, whether you want to admit to it or not, you’ve probably lied to someone as well. Research has shown that people lie in one in five of their daily interactions. Pamela Meyer, author ...

by Deep Patel  | October 12, 2018 07:00:00
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Making a Presentation? Here are 3 Tricks to Get People to Listen to You

Make sure your audience doesn't tune out what you have to say

Few things conjure up a feeling of dread quite like the anticipation of a lengthy PowerPoint presentation. Professionals spend an average of 40 percent of their workday in meetings, many of which include a presenter painfully reading straight from a slide deck. Seventy-one percent of ...

by Stacy Hanke  | September 05, 2018 02:00:00
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4 Mistakes to Avoid When You Have to Deliver Bad News

There will always be tough things that need to be shared with your staff

One of the most important jobs of leaders is to tell people what’s going on, even when the news is bad. Leaders must be able to address everything from an individual performance issue to the denial of budget for new personnel or other ...

by Liz Kilsik  | September 03, 2018 02:00:00
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(Infographic) 7 Hand Gestures to Get People to Listen to You

When public speaking, stop focusing so much on your voice and pay attention to your hands

How you present yourself says a lot about you, and much of that comes down to what you do with your hands. That’s especially true when speaking in front of an audience.According to a recent study, speakers whose TED Talks went viral used an average ...

by Rose Leadem  | August 29, 2018 06:00:00
News and Events

5 Phrases You Should Avoid Saying at Work

Approach work with a positive can-do attitude

Your choice of words is very important when you are expressing yourself. Especially at work, you need a maintain a positive and can-do attitude. Therefore, you need to be careful when you are trying to convey your message to your co-workers. Below you ...

by Ceren Cubucku  | August 07, 2018 02:00:00
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5 Keys to Making True Connections

Connecting increases your influence in every situation, and these five keys will help you do that

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to move forward in their careers while you seem stuck? Why no one seems to think your great idea will work? Does it seem as if no one's listening to what you say? Maybe ...

by Brittani Below  | June 11, 2018 02:00:00
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How to Spot a Liar in an Interview -- and What to Do About It

To spot a liar in an interview, pay attention to these three key factors

Let’s be honest -- which, we admit, may be slightly ironic for an article about lying -- and confess we’ve all been tempted to lie in an interview. But most of us also know telling whoppers will get us nowhere fast, and so, we ...

by Jillian Kramer  | March 21, 2018 06:00:00
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Two Ways to Get What You Want: Ask and Attract

If you want something, learn to ask others or ask the Universe

I'm constantly endeavoring to simplify how to get what you want, both rapidly and accurately. In the process of doing so, I've discovered two simple ways to get what you want in life or business:  1. You can ask for it.2. You can attract ...

by David Meltzer  | March 12, 2018 12:00:00
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How to Stop Taking Things Personally at Work

If you have a tendency to take things personally, you know it can wreak havoc on your career

If you have a tendency to take things personally, you know it can wreak havoc on your career. I mean, spending upwards of eight hours in an office environment, stuck with a myriad of personalities you may (or may not) be attracted to and ...

by Solange Lopes  | March 05, 2018 08:00:00
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3 Ways to Make Memorable Small Talk That Gets People Interested In Working With You

The easiest way to be intriguing is listen closely after you've asked someone to tell you about themselves

"Small talk is the biggest talk we do." ~ Susan RoAne, author/keynote speakerMost people try to avoid small talk---the often obligatory chitter chatter that tends to be the accompanying bane of awkward introductions, boring social gatherings and inescapable airline travel. But it doesn't have to ...

by Tor Constantino  | February 26, 2018 08:00:00
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Ask the Relationship Expert: I Can't Stop Acting Like the Boss With My Partner

Sometimes you have to take off your 'boss' hat

What happens when running a business gets in the way of your romantic relationship, or vice versa? In this new weekly column, relationship expert Marla N. Mattenson responds to entrepreneurs with love dilemmas -- because the hidden power of successful businesses are the stable, ...

by Marla N. Mattenson  | February 25, 2018 08:00:00
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Can't We All Just Get Along? 5 Steps to Building Better Relationships

To succeed, you need to increase your versatility when it comes to people who are different from you

Our granddaughter Madi recently complained about her teacher, Mrs. P. Mrs. P, it seems. is tougher than Madi’s previous teachers were and isn’t as soft, sweet and complimentary as Madi has experienced in previous classrooms. What's more, our granddaughter doesn’t like Mrs. ...

by Doug and Polly White  | February 24, 2018 02:00:00
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This is How Billionaire Philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates Settle Disagreements

The spouses and Gates Foundation founders give insight into how their working partnership has evolved over time

As is their tradition, today Bill and Melinda Gates put out their annual letter detailing what the Gates Foundation has accomplished over the past 12 months and their goals for the future.For the 2018 letter, the couple opted to organize their thoughts in the ...

by Nina Zipkin  | February 16, 2018 02:00:00