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Avoid Dissatisfied Customers by Empowering Your Employees

'Can I speak to a supervisor?' is a phrase you never want to hear

If you're a small-business owner, you're probably familiar with the frustration that comes with requests for managerial assistance from your sales team. Whether it's an irate customer who wants to vent or a vendor looking for a discount, conversations like that are ...

by Brian Greenberg  | August 24, 2018 06:00:00
Business Ideas

4 important lessons on handling stressed customers

Learn from these tips given by a US mover (or lipat-bahay)

When people call certain service companies – realtors, pest control, movers and the like – they are essentially dialing 911. That's because they’re likely facing a crisis that involves one of life’s biggest stressors, ranging from birth and death, to marriage and divorce, to a new ...

by Omar Soliman  | November 06, 2016 12:00:00
Run & Grow

Customers aren't always right and you need to challenge them

If you’re saying yes to every request, are you really listening?

If I was asked to recount all the ways the customer is not always right, I might run out of page space on this website. Right and wrong is sometimes very black and white but often it’s extremely gray. So when you ...

by Justin Gray  | November 01, 2016 12:00:00
Run & Grow

Use these free online tools to listen to your customers

Doing market and consumer research on the web has never been easier

Our lives have inevitably spilled over digital and this also proves true for the customer experience. With more and more people gaining access to the internet, customers now find it comfortable to express their feedback on the world wide web.While the internet ...

by Nicai de Guzman  | October 16, 2016 03:00:00
Run & Grow

4 secrets to have a happy, healthy relationship with your customers

Because even when the customer is not right, their opinions are still important.

Cash is not the only type of currency in business. The collective attitude and satisfaction of your customers is as important to your bottom line as your cash flow. Meaning, the way you treat your customers and respond to their questions, needs, ...

by David Royce  | June 12, 2016 09:00:00
Startup Tips

When clients ask for discounts, ask them, 'why?'

Set the line between incentives for a valued relationship and downright devaluation for your work.

I bought several new vests recently. One was from G-Star, another from Banana Republic. They were not cheap, but not unreasonably expensive, either. I paid the price the shop asked from me. What I did not do was haggle over the price ...

by Jurgen Appelo  | April 20, 2016 09:00:00
Startup Tips

5 stupid things that companies do

Stupid thing no. 1: Not promoting from within.

As an entrepreneur, it is easy to fall into the cliché of not seeing the forest through the trees. That often shows up in the form of doing really stupid things in your business that you would probably tell another business owner ...

by Carol Roth  | March 18, 2016 05:00:00
Startup Tips

Do you recognize the 8 early warning signs of a failed startup?

If you can spot your warning signs, you'll be in a much safer position for ultimate success.

Startups fail at the rate of 90%. That’s kind of scary, if you ask me. Related: 3 mental strategies that can get you past a business failure fast  I count myself fortunate to be a survivor of startup failure, but my survival was touch-and-go the first few times. ...

by Neil Patel  | March 04, 2016 07:00:00
Run & Grow

6 toxic people who are hurting your success

Stay away from these six types of people if you want to achieve success.

When you are growing your own business, the people around you matter most. Whom you bring on your team is just as important as your client base. As an entrepreneur, you want to ensure that you are set up for long-term success. ...

by Shannon Kaiser  | June 29, 2015 05:00:00
Run & Grow

Customers are not always right. They are just never wrong.

Here are effective ways to handle customers' complaints.

Every business owner and customer-facing employee has heard the saying "the customer is always right." This makes the companies who say it—and the customers who hear it—feel good. But it’s simply not always true in the real world.What separates the truly exceptional ...

by Zeke Adkins  | June 09, 2015 06:00:00
Startup Tips

To find your ideal client, begin with a study of yourself

Follow these tips to build a broader customer base.

How many times have you said, "My business could get really big if I could just find the right clients"? If you have, you're not alone: There's not an entrepreneur that I know who hasn't had that thought, at least once.The good ...

by Stephen Sheinbaum  | May 16, 2015 06:05:00
Startup Tips

What listening says about your brand

Listening, rather than talking, can give your company the best shot at customer relations.

When searching the Internet, it's awfully nice that Google anticipates what you're asking and completes your thought. Related: What's your company's 'voice'? Here's how to figure it out.In an age of communication proliferation, organizations can listen to their stakeholders more effectively than ever. But has ...

by David Hagenbuch  | May 03, 2015 06:05:00
Startup Tips

Customer service on a budget

If you can't compete on price with your larger competitors, use the small business advantage: a more caring and personalized customer service.

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. Without them, a business will surely fail and die. That is why business owners understand the value of investing in customer service to keep their patrons satisfied and have them back for repeat business.While most ...

by Mari-An C. Santos  | September 30, 2014 04:00:00