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Run & Grow

A comics crusader and the tough business of publishing

Author-editor-publisher Paolo Chikiamco shares his insights

  Paolo Chikiamco, lawyer and Palanca Award-winning writer, thinks there isn’t enough Filipino representation in genre fiction and comic books to date. So he’s made it his personal mission to write as many as he can—and as many as he can convince his ...

by Entrepreneur Staff  | August 19, 2016 08:00:00
FirstDibs in Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Navigating success: What to learn from popular transportation apps

You may agree that transportation apps we have today are successful in reaching out to their target market. How can SMEs and other businesses learn from those apps' strategies?

Dear Amor,I’ve noticed a growing number of transportation apps. Many of them are start-ups or have recently joined the Philippine market, yet they seem very successful. My business, on the other hand, has been around for years, and is nowhere near as ...

by Amor Maclang  | May 05, 2015 03:00:00
FirstDibs in Marketing for Entrepreneurs

The future of marketing through mobile messaging

Should your business adopt marketing strategies specifically customized for messaging apps? Here are some of the advantages of doing so.

Dearest Amor,I’m an old-fashioned and traditional marketer. Recently, I’ve been familiarizing myself with sites such as Facebook and Twitter as avenues for me and my company to further market our services. I have just gotten used to these platforms when I read ...

by Amor Maclang  | November 26, 2014 02:00:00
News and Events

All-you-can-read Summit magazines on mZine

Your favorite Summit Media titles can now be accessed through a special mobile app exclusive to users of Samsung smartphones. Find out more about mZine.

The leading magazine publisher has teamed up with Samsung to deliver an exciting new product to readers and fanatics alike. MZine, a mobile application that offers magazines on an all-you-can-read format, was recently unveiled by the Korean giant, bringing Summit Media’s range ...

by Press Release  | October 27, 2014 06:00:00
News and Events

Summit Media wins two Spark Awards

Summit Media, the publishing company that operates, has bagged two important awards from the Spark Awards for Media Excellence, which was recently held in Singapore. This comes as another affirmation of the firm's excellence in producing ad content.

Summit Media, a leading multi-platform content provider in the Philippines, won in two categories at the Spark Awards for Media Excellence held at the Westin Hotel in Singapore last August 28.Summit Media Creative Solutions won silver in the Best Creative Team category, ...

by Press Release  | September 03, 2014 06:00:00
Startup Tips

Mobile training for Asia-Pacific marketers

As the Asia-Pacific region is expected to fuel the growth of mobile marketing in the world, the spotlight is on the region's marketers and how they can deliver. There is potential but strategy needs to keep up with opportunity.

As the Asia-Pacific region is expected to fuel the growth of mobile marketing in the world, the spotlight is on the region’s marketers and how they can deliver. The region is home to the next billion of mobile users but strategy needs ...

by Entrepreneur Staff  | September 16, 2013 10:00:00