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Run & Grow

It's My Job and I'll Cry If I Want to: The Case for Showing Emotions in the Workplace

Allowing workers to show their true selves has its benefits

In a society that values strength, independence and self-reliance above all else, why express yourself? Why go out on a limb to reveal anything other than the highlight reel you post on social media in any situation, let alone in the setting where ...

by Amanda Slavin  | July 08, 2018 12:00:00
Run & Grow

Don't Laugh: How Crying Could Save Your Business

Entrepreneurs need to let emotions out and people in

When's the last time you cried?I cried this morning. I thought about how many people were relying on me to make the right decisions and how much those decisions had the potential to hurt the people I know and love if they ...

by Ben Lamm  | June 13, 2018 06:00:00
Run & Grow

Did You Start a Business to Do Something Significant, or to Feel Significant?

At the end of the day, your business is not about you

Do you remember why you left your comfortable job to start your own business?You must have had a good reason, because nobody hops on the entrepreneurial roller coaster for kicks. It's tough, it's a grind and it isn't for the fainthearted.In my own ...

by Scott Oldford  | April 11, 2018 02:00:00
Startup Tips

A 6-step program for improving your communication skills

Not everybody is born with excellent communication skills. But anyone can learn to be a more effective communicator.

Technology is involved in almost everything we do. There are few moments in life when it has no influence. Yet when you are face to face with someone, in a real and authentic interaction, you are on your own. There is no time ...

by Graham Young  | April 24, 2015 01:01:00