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Startup Tips

The 6 attributes shared by young millionaires

Take the big step towards success by adopting these qualities of young millionaires.

Being a millionaire is very rare in our society. Many work their whole lives and never reach the status. Of course, they'll validate that any way they can, saying things like "I don't care about money," "Millionaires aren't happy," "I don't need ...

by Peter Voogd  | August 05, 2015 11:00:00
Startup Tips

5 reasons why you would make an excellent entrepreneur

See if you have these signs to be an entrepreneur.

If you have the vision to connect the dots and ideas at your present job, chances are you would make a great entrepreneur. But often people love the idea of having a 'real job' too much to even give freedom a try. To ...

by Thomas Oppong  | April 25, 2015 06:05:00
Startup Tips

7 unexpected signs you might be an entrepreneur

If you have a high appetite for failures, perhaps entrepreneurship is for you. See if you also possess these other entrepreneur qualities below.

Inspired by Jeff Foxworthy's one-liner classics, I've been thinking about a "You might be an entrepreneur" routine--in other words, slightly unexpected signs you've got what it takes to go through the thrilling, punishing, life-changing experience of starting your own company.Yes, you've got ...

by Ryan Holmes  | March 29, 2015 09:00:00