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Startup Tips

5 necessary conditions for entrepreneurial success

Why do some startups fail while others succeed? Find out here.

There are a lot of people desperately trying to become successful entrepreneurs. They inevitably have loads of basic questions that can instantly tell you they’ve taken the plunge prematurely and, as a result, have severely limited their chances of making it on ...

by Armando "Butz" O. Bartolome and Steve Tobak  | May 21, 2015 10:00:00
Startup Tips

What investors look for when evaluating your pitch

What do you look for when choosing investments? These five factors may serve as your guide.

When evaluating any investment there are many things to look for, but I can divide them into the following categories:1. Talent.The first thing I do is to look at the founders and be convinced that they have what it takes to be ...

by Carlos Domingo  | May 20, 2015 12:00:00
Startup Tips

The other 3S's

Many motivational speakers have 3S's for business. Fr. Xavy Alpasa calls on a different set that asks you to look deeper.

Regardless of the size of one’s business, a long-term, far thinking strategy is needed to become successful. But if everybody is thinking strategically, what do you do to become a cut above the rest? I propose that it’s neither about acquiring more ...

by Fr. Xavier Alpasa, S.J.  | November 27, 2014 02:30:00
Startup Tips

Ask a pro: Branding with experience

Always make sure your business is delivering its brand promise. Through that, you can ensure satisfaction among your customers. Here are helpful insights from a business branding expert.

What’s in a brand? It’s more than just a logo, name, or tagline; it is also the actual experience of the product or service for the customer.Jacqueline Thng, chief executive officer of brand experience consultancy company Lexis Branding Llp., says that it ...

by Johanna D. Poblete  | July 07, 2014 12:45:00