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Run & Grow

14 scientific reasons to disconnect over the weekend (Infographic)

Start enjoying your weekends

Work hard, play hard. We’ve all heard that expression and it does hold some truth. If you find yourself burnt out and stressed over the weekend, it's time to reassess how you approach your work-life balance.Taking time off is healthy and even though many of us ...

by Rose Leadem  | November 25, 2016 10:00:00
Run & Grow

The science behind how sleep makes you smarter

Sleep is the foundation of physical health, mental energy and good biz

I’m a science geek. I like to know why a particular approach to life or technique for success works. Otherwise, I tend to glaze over when faced with another “X Ways to Achieve Y Results” article. In the absence of research or ...

by Greg Wells  | November 17, 2016 06:00:00
Startup Tips

5 ways to promote workplace wellness, increase company bottom line

Invest in wellness programs for your employees to lower healthcare costs and boost overall productivity.

*This is an edited press release.The working population in the Philippines is facing a huge problem:  there is actually a segment of the working population called Generation O—Overweight, Overworked, and Overstressed. This is partly due to employees becoming more and more sedentary, ...

by Entrepreneur Staff  | March 26, 2016 03:00:00
Business Ideas

Focus on health: Manuka honey products

Necessity, they say, is the mother of all invention. But in the case of Bee Healthy Trading, a one year-old Filipino company that distributes different all-natural supplements made from bee products, it was increased necessity that drove them to create the business.Started ...

by Peter Imbong  | June 28, 2012 05:00:00
Startup Tips

Going where the market is

A start-up café makes organic food accessible to the public every day of the week.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand the benefits of healthy eating. However, the unavailability of healthy food choices and the high cost of organic produce are some reasons that keep stressed-out individuals from paying attention to their body’s needs.This prompted the ...

by Kristina Mae R. Ombao  | March 23, 2012 05:00:00