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Business Ideas

4 practical home-based ideas using idle items in your house

Idle items in your house can lead you to simple, yet profitable business opportunities. It's time to turn on your creativity again.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you've probably gone the extra mile just to search and look for that one business opportunity that will be a perfect fit for you. From attending expos and seminars to checking out different ideas online, you may feel ...

by MJ Dinglasan and MJ Dinglasan  | May 20, 2015 12:00:00
Business Ideas

7 home-based, easy business ideas you can try today

Spend your spare time with worthwhile activities that can add value to your life. Check out these business ideas you can do at home.

Making money from home is a no-brainer. There are just so many possibilities, with a number of businesses you can start right away even with little capital. You never know where that humble home business can take you down the road.Below we ...

by Entrepreneur Staff  | May 13, 2015 08:00:00
Business Ideas

Home-based business idea: Make and sell banana loaf

Here's another home-based food business idea.

Banana loaf is a tender and sweet loaf that can be eaten at room temperature or sliced straight from the refrigerator. It also freezes well so you can make this ahead and store it---for your next week fix.You may consider baking and ...

by Patty Loanzon  | March 14, 2015 12:00:00
Business Ideas

Home-based business idea: How to make mango sago

Here's an easy-peasy recipe you can make and sell that can win many people's taste.

Desserts are staple items in every occasion and even in simple gatherings. It is a must-served food that wraps up everyone's eating experience. With its sweet taste that gives a naturally comforting effect, there's no doubt that sweets are the perfect ending ...

by MJ Dinglasan  | February 17, 2015 04:00:00
Business Ideas

3 DIY Valentine's Day gifts you can make and sell

Let this Valentine's season spark the start of your business journey. Learn these DIY gift ideas below.

Special occasions like Valentine's Day are among the many seasons you can take advantage of when starting a business. There are a wide variety of business ideas to choose from depending on a lot of factors (profitability, what you enjoy doing, etc). ...

by MJ Dinglasan  | February 13, 2015 04:00:00
Business Ideas

Home-based business idea: How to make baked macaroni

Cook your way to profits with another pasta dish that you can easily sell. Here's how to make Pinoy-style baked macaroni.

Baked macaroni is another top favorite pasta dish of Filipinos. It should not be mistaken for the equally popular macaroni and cheese. For one, baked macaroni is more preferred by local foodies because it has meat, which makes it a complete meal ...

by Entrepreneur Staff  | February 13, 2015 02:00:00
Business Ideas

Home-based business idea: How to make chicken macaroni salad

Try a profitable startup food business idea this week---make and sell chicken macaroni salad.

Filipinos have their own casserole recipes---simple specialties that are usually localized to please our palate. One of the most popular of those is chicken macaroni salad, which usually serves as an ideal snack or appetizer.Chicken macaroni salad is another staple in most ...

by Entrepreneur Staff  | February 12, 2015 02:00:00
Business Ideas

Home-based business idea: How to make palitaw de leche

Give an interesting twist to the popular kakanin 'palitaw.' How about adding yema as its filling? Here's a simple recipe to make palitaw de leche.

by Entrepreneur Staff  | February 09, 2015 03:00:00
Business Ideas

Home-based business idea: How to make sapin-sapin

This Filipino rice cake is famous for its 3-colored layers that satisfies any taste bud. Start your own business out of this recipe below.

by MJ Dinglasan  | February 07, 2015 02:00:00
Business Ideas

Home-based business idea: How to make saba con yelo

Simple, yet profitable---this is how we can appropriately describe this traditional dessert recipe that can be your home-based food business idea for the day.

by Entrepreneur Staff  | February 06, 2015 04:00:00
Business Ideas

Home-based business idea: How to make buko pandan

Include buko pandan in your food cart or restaurant menu. Here's how to make this popular dessert.

Filipinos certainly love desserts. In almost every party or family gathering, you can surely find and enjoy desserts made of buko or young coconut, which abounds in the market, the country being an active producer of coconut.Buko pandan is one of the ...

by Entrepreneur Staff  | February 05, 2015 02:00:00
Business Ideas

Home-based business idea: How to make siomai

Cook your way to hefty profits by making and selling this well-loved traditional Chinese dumpling---siomai.

Students and alumni of University of the Philippines in Los Baños would surely agree that everyone who visits the campus must try eating at or taking food out from Papu’s Siomai, which is conveniently located just a few meters outside the main ...

by Mishell M. Malabaguio  | February 04, 2015 01:15:00
Business Ideas

Home-based business idea: How to make mantou

For today, you may try making and selling mantou, which is still rarely found in street food carts and restaurants.

For foodies who love Chinese desserts, mantou could easily be counted as among their top picks. This is no surprise as the steamed bun or bread is not just satisfying cravings but also filling the stomach with the right amount of energy-giving ...

by Entrepreneur Staff  | January 29, 2015 02:00:00