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20 Things Science Says Your Facebook and Instagram Feeds Reveal About You

Social media affects nearly every aspect of our lives.

byRose Leadem |

13 Expert Tips to Help You Build Your Instagram Following

Instagram influencers give their best advice on how you can follow in their footsteps

byMatt Sweetwood |

The Food on Your Plate (And Instagram Feed) is the New Status Symbol

Food posts have become a social media currency that is causing us all to gain weight.

byHannah Lazatin for |

How an Instagram Seller of Used Clothes Expanded into Garments Making

Former TV producer finds entrepreneurship more rewarding than employment

byPauline Macaraeg |

The Secrets of the Woman Who Quit Her Job and Made Her Pug an Instagram Celebrity

Leslie Mosier shares the recipe for success behind her incredibly cute pup Doug's rise to fame

byNina Zipkin |

7 Ways to Turn Instagram Followers Into Customers for Life

Rreach out to prospects and make them want to buy from you over and over again

byKim Walsh-Phillips |

A Guide to Working With Instagram Influencers: What to Look For

Are sponsored posts disclosed? You work with deceptive influencers at your risk

byNathan Chan |

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Analytics: Metrics, Insights, Tools and Tips

Instagram analytics are a key part of any Instagram marketing strategy

byAlfred Lua |

How Facebook and Instagram Are Helping Small Businesses

The social media giants are providing DIY solutions to make ads and creatives more mobile-ready

byNicai de Guzman |

You Don't Have to be Picture-Perfect to Succeed on Instagram

Authenticity means more to your fans than manufactured glamour

byLesya Liu |

Why Instagram Won 2016 and Snapchat Didn't

Here's how Instagram is expanding its reach across different demographics

byLesya Liu |

Instagram Observes Snapchat, Does It Better

Get ready to go ’liveâ?

byLesya Liu |