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News and Events

Is Your Startup Raising Funds? PH Venture Capital Firm Launches $10-M Fund with Malaysia-Based Gobi Partners

The Gobi-Core Philippine Fund will target startups in the e-commerce, healthtech and logistics industries

Core Capital, a Philippine venture capital (VC) firm, has announced that it is partnering with Malaysia-based investor Gobi Partners to launch the Gobi-Core Philippine (PH) Fund, a $10-million (Php542 million) fund aimed to support early-stage startups.“With this partnership with Gobi, we are ...

by Lorenzo Kyle Subido  | October 16, 2018 09:00:00
News and Events

Would You Buy DoubleDragon's Follow-on Offer Shares at Higher Than the Market Price?

The offer price of Php30 per share is 18.8 percent above the latest closing price at the PSE

Last June 28, listed real estate developer DoubleDragon Properties announced that the final price for its follow-on offering is at Php30 per share. The company is raising fresh funds for its hospitality and industrial projects, and it stands to earn as much ...

by Lorenzo Kyle Subido  | July 05, 2018 08:00:00
News and Events

Where and How to Buy the 3-Year Retail Treasury Bonds With a Coupon Rate of 4.875% p.a.

See the schedule of the DOF’s roadshows on the bond offering that lasts until June 8

Last May 30, the Bureau of the Treasury (BTr) announced that it will be raising up to Php66 billion worth of fresh capital through the sale of retail treasury bonds (RTBs). The bonds will pay a coupon rate of 4.875 percent per ...

by Lorenzo Kyle Subido  | May 31, 2018 03:00:00
News and Events

Philippine Stock Exchange Approves Injap Sia’s DoubleDragon Follow-On Offering

Up for sale are 150 million common shares at a price range of Php30 to Php40 per share

The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) has approved on May 29 the application of listed real estate firm DoubleDragon Properties to launch a follow-on offering, allowing the company to sell up to 150 million new shares at a price ranging from Php30 to ...

by Lorenzo Kyle Subido  | May 30, 2018 03:00:00
Run & Grow

5 Questions Investors Ask Themselves Before Putting Their Chips Into Your Startup

Use your startup's financial projections to help investors make a decision on whether to bet or fold

Many first-time founders wrestle with developing their startup financial projections. They don’t know if they should be doing three-year vs. five-year projections, what type of hockey stick to project and what expenses to break out. These details can be modeled by the excel wiz on ...

by Andrew Medal  | April 29, 2017 06:00:00
Startup Tips

The 10 things you must do before connecting with investors

There are no shortcuts to building a solid network of engaged investors

Majority of entrepreneurs have one thing in common: They're totally in love with their company and their product. They are passionate, enthusiastic and optimistic. They can’t wait to tell everyone how their idea or product is going to change the world. Before that can happen, though, ...

by Sherrie Campbell  | November 07, 2016 04:00:00
Business Ideas

Investor confidence in PH assessed, found solid

China’s rise, effects of terrorism, Brexit and Trump presidency examined at PIC 2016

  The very nature of business makes it vulnerable to various factors, be it demographic or socio-political. So much so that entrepreneurs, especially those who engage with global clients and trends, have constantly been on the lookout for the latest data on world ...

by Jerricho Reynaldo  | October 04, 2016 06:00:00
Startup Tips

Financial Adviser: How to raise funds by selling equity

Know the factors you need to consider in selling shares to outsiders.

Q: I‘m looking to raise funds for my startup. I needed the additional funding for liquidity as cash flows have been very tight lately. I was able to talk to some angel investors, but they’re asking for 40% of the business. I’m ...

by Henry Ong  | March 01, 2016 09:00:00
Startup Tips

5 personality traits investors look for in entrepreneurs

These are the personality traits that set entrepreneurs apart in the eyes of investors.

Few companies get up and running without a bit of private capital giving them an extra boost, even in today’s era of free resources, digital communication and crowdfunding. Attaining that capital means impressing seasoned investors and convincing them that your business, more than ...

by Jayson Demers  | August 10, 2015 10:00:00
Startup Tips

Aviation school helps build ‘University Town’ in Pangasinan

Business opportunities arise as Binalonan, Pangasinan flies to greater heights with the help of an aviation school based in the town.

There is always so much to say about the Philippines especially when it comes to tourism. Aside from the famous white sand beaches and historical landmarks across the country, there are also hidden paradises that are yet to be discovered. However, there ...

by MJ Dinglasan  | March 05, 2015 06:00:00

Hot picks in the local stock market

Are you considering investing into the share market? Here's a quick guide on the most recommended stocks to pick.

by James Humarang  | August 11, 2014 05:30:00
News and Events

Investalk 2014 cuts age demographic in first investment conference

More than 300 young professionals, entrepreneurs, novice investors, and students attended 'Investalk 2014: A Mid-Year Market Outlook.' The event aimed to further promote financial literacy among more Filipinos.

by Press Release  | July 25, 2014 08:30:00
Startup Tips

Learn to invest in the stock market

Learn the basics of the stock market before buying shares, and make your bucks work for you.

Learn the basics of the stock market before buying shares, and make your bucks work for you. Marvin Germo, a financial planner and advisor, and general manager of consulting company Ephesians Management Corp., outlines the basic knowledge anybody must have before venturing ...

by Kristina Mae Ombao  | May 04, 2012 10:00:00