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The More You Talk, the Less They Listen

To stand out, say less

What is the best way to communicate an idea in today's noisy climate? We had heard about Ryan Foland’s “3-1-3® Method”and interviewed him about this thoughtful, simple and effective communications tool. We recently caught up with Ryan at his office at UC Irvine. He is not ...

by Michael Houlihan & Bonnie Harvey  | August 14, 2018 06:00:00
Run & Grow

Want to Learn How to Be a Better Communicator? Learn How to Listen

We have two ears but only one mouth. Therefore, we should listen twice as much as we speak

Miscommunication, conflict, assumptions, errors, mistakes, ineffective decisions and a loss of team cohesion: What do all of these organizational issues have in common? All are the result, at least in part, of poor listening.It's often said that we have two ears but only one ...

by Doug and Polly White  | October 26, 2017 02:00:00
Run & Grow

How to Know If You're a Bad Listener (And How to Fix It)

You might think you're a good listener, but the odds are against it

Excerpted from the book The Art of Connection: Seven Relationship-Building Skills Every Leader Needs Now by Michael J. Gelb. Printed with permission from New World Library.My friends in Los Angeles swear that the worst drivers in the country are to be found on the ...

by Michael J. Gelb  | September 30, 2017 08:00:00
Run & Grow

The 4 Levels of Listening: Why Every Good Entrepreneur Should Talk Less

There's a reason we have two ears and one mouth

My father has a string of aphorisms he’s been saying for years that still resonate with what’s going on today. One of my favorites is this: “We have two ears and one mouth, so we should spend twice as much time listening as we do ...

by Jim Joseph  | May 15, 2017 02:00:00
Startup Tips

10 skills that are hard to learn but pay off forever

Learning these skills can take you beyond being successful.

The best things in life may be free, but that doesn't mean they won't take time, sweat, and perseverance to acquire.That's especially the case when it comes to learning important life skills.In an effort to ascertain which talents are worth the investment, one Quora reader ...

by Rachel Gillett  | June 19, 2015 07:00:00
Startup Tips

Do this to become a more effective problem solver

Good listening skills will help you become more effective as a problem solver.

The art of being a good listener can make you more likable and effective in the workplace. Too often people think that leadership and confidence are tied to directing conversations and taking command. Research on effective leaders shows the opposite is true. ...

by Beth Kuhel and Beth Kuhel  | May 20, 2015 02:00:00
Startup Tips

What listening says about your brand

Listening, rather than talking, can give your company the best shot at customer relations.

When searching the Internet, it's awfully nice that Google anticipates what you're asking and completes your thought. Related: What's your company's 'voice'? Here's how to figure it out.In an age of communication proliferation, organizations can listen to their stakeholders more effectively than ever. But has ...

by David Hagenbuch  | May 03, 2015 06:05:00