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Thinking of a Career in Marketing? Here are 7 Tips

These simple tips will help jumpstart your marketing skills

byAsh Read |

3 Ways Storytelling Can Help Boost Your Business

So what's your story?

byEsther Choy |

You Can't Be Everything for Everybody, So Stop Trying

You're better off appealing to a small group of loyal customers than trying to attract everyone

byJim Joseph |

Don't Start Marketing Before You're Ready to Start Selling

Creating a demand for something you can't deliver will hurt your brand reputation and your bottom...

byGeorge Deeb |

4 Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Kim Kardashian

One thing is certain: Kim K knows how to market herself. Ever think you'd take pointers from...

bySujan Patel |

The Myth of the 8-Second Attention Span

How to grab your audience's attention, even when they have infinite options

byShaun Buck |

What You Need to Know About Personal Branding

Consumers won't buy from your company until they trust you

byMike Wood |

This Freaky Pear Reveals a Lot About Today's Consumers

New study says younger, low-income consumers more likely to buy a Php400 novelty-shaped pear

byRose Leadem |

How Changing Its Packaging Helped This Company Find Sweet Success

A new candy company wanted to present itself as fun and high-end. Its packaging sent a very...

byJason Feifer |

Here's How I Took My Business From Paper to Profitable With Minimal Marketing Spend

Despite what small businesses with tight budgets believe, marketing spend shouldn't be the first to...

byAllie Decker |

A Small-Business Guide to Facebook Advertising

Here's a step-by-step guide to master one of the most effective marketing tools today

byRose Leadem |

How Much Should You Invest in Content Marketing?

FYI, most content marketing strategies see a positive ROI

byJayson Demers |