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Run & Grow

5 ways to keep the cash flowing

Earning money is part of the business cycle.

Your business is now up and running. Now what? Cash flow should be established as soon as possible, "flow" being the operative word, says finance professor Ric Palo of the Ateneo Graduate School of Business and San Beda College.There are several ways ...

by Khris Marc Ronquillo  | July 25, 2013 01:00:00
Startup Tips

6 ways to avoid the overspending trap

To keep your business from falling into the overspending trap, follow these 6 useful tips on cutting down on expenses and minimizing cash outflow.

Putting up a new business can be so demanding and stressful that even rational people can sometimes fall into the overspending trap.[related|post]In your enthusiasm to make your business succeed, you yourself may fall into this trap and face the following undesirable situations:[previous|page|next] There ...

by Henry Ong  | March 27, 2013 10:00:00
Business Ideas

Filipino kids and their money habits

A survey found that Filipino children save for the latest gadget or trendy outfit.

Thanks largely to their parents, Filipino children are generally not clueless about budgeting. They tend to obey what their parents tell them to do. But for Filipino children, saving is a means to buy a want- like gardgets, accessories and clothes- rather ...

by Entrepreneur Staff  | November 12, 2012 01:00:00
Business Ideas

Time to invest

Here are tips on how to make your money work for you.

There’s a lot to be said about Jose Mari Lim, 55, but being a bad investor isn’t one of them. Having experienced running companies as a member of top management (among them Asea Brown Boveri and PhilCotton Corp.), this business consultant, farm ...

by Tania Bautista  | August 24, 2012 02:00:00
Business Ideas

5 ways to improve your chances of getting that loan

5 ways

Entrepreneurs need start-up capital to register their business, set up shop and begin operations. Oftentimes, this capital is sourced from personal savings, credit cards, and loans from family and friends. But if additional money is needed and your sources have already run ...

by Jet Ramos-Cruz  | May 11, 2012 01:00:00

Want a high return on your investment?

Developing a strategic profit model and making it your financial strategy will help you monitor and assess performance.

Many business owners think that profit is the most important measure of financial performance, but this isn’t necessarily the case because profit is relative to the amount of money invested in a business. For example, a P100,000 net profit may not really ...

by Want A High Return On Your Investment? Develop A Profit Strategy  | May 09, 2012 08:00:00
Startup Tips

Stopping fraud in its tracks

Instituting internal controls will protect your business from fraud and theft.

A starting entrepreneur normally operates the business by himself, with perhaps some relatives helping out. But as the company grows, he slowly realizes the need to hire outsiders.When this happens, he has to divide responsibilities between himself and his employees, delegating tasks ...

by Henry Ong  | March 28, 2012 01:00:00
Startup Tips

Choosing between a bank or family loan

Our expert breaks down the pros and cons of these two borrowing options.

Q: I am a new entrepreneur and I’ve been getting negative feedback from banks that refuse to lend me money for my business unless I had a track record. Would it be wise to borrow money from friends and family instead? [related|post]A: ...

by Henry C. Ong  | February 17, 2012 01:00:00
Business Ideas

10 money apps for entrepreneurs

Your pick of both personal and enterprise-level apps than let you monitor the funds coming in and out of your company.

The significance of keeping a close watch on your business' finances cannot be stressed enough, especially if you're just starting out and don't have enough resources and manpower. This can be difficult when you spend more time outside the office than in ...

by KC Calpo  | February 09, 2012 06:00:00
Startup Tips

The lowdown on Ponzi

Five years ago, upon her friend’s recommendation, Rissa (not her real name) invested $7,000 with a company that promised huge and quick returns on her money. She was very happy during the first few months because she earned $1,600 from her investment. ...

March 10, 2009 12:00:00