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Passwords Are Scarily Insecure. Here Are a Few Safer Alternatives

Here's what comes next to authenticate users and protect networks

The password, the most common way to authenticate users around the globe, has been in slow decline for over a decade. Bill Gates famously asserted at an RSA conference in 2004, "There is no doubt that over time, people are going to rely less ...

by Raz Rafaeli  | March 11, 2018 06:00:00
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Here Are the 25 Worst Passwords of 2017

New additions to SplashData's list of 2017's worst passwords are letmein, monkey, hello and whatever

This story originally appeared on PCMagIt's probably safe to say that everyone on the internet knows by now that using easy-to-guess, insecure passwords like "123456" or "password" is a bad idea. But as it turns out, many still don't care.Password management application provider ...

by Angela Moscaritolo  | December 26, 2017 08:00:00
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You Might Not Need Complex, Alphanumeric Passwords After All

It's now recommended to use long passphrases instead of complicated alphanumeric passwords

Everyone knows that creating complex, alphanumeric passwords, let alone remembering them, is pretty much the worst. Our lackluster password skills have spawned an entire password manager business.Now it seems our troubles were perhaps for naught, and the dude who created the rules about complex ...

by Angela Moscaritolo  | August 14, 2017 02:00:00
Run & Grow

Passwords Are Slowly Becoming a Thing of the Past

They're inconvenient, forgettable and not particularly secure locks for our prized data

Between the time you sit down at your desk in the morning and the moment you shut down your computer in the evening, how many times do you think you input a password for an account, program or device? A recent survey found the ...

by Anna Johansson  | May 06, 2017 12:00:00
Startup Tips

For the nth time, keep your online passwords secure

Remember, two layers of security are always better than one.

We are often told that passwords should be changed regularly to improve our personal security, but it is something that is often overlooked, as most are more concerned with remembering the passwords of dozens of accounts rather than keeping their accounts safe ...

by Joe Siegrist  | May 30, 2016 03:00:00
Business Ideas

Swallow this 'password pill' to unlock your digital devices

Wearable technology is one thing but what about ingestibles?

  Forget concocting long, complicated passwords to protect your digital devices and the precious information you access on them. They’re too easy for hackers to crack and for you to forget. Just pop Motorola’s edible “authentication vitamin” pill and you can literally ...

by Kim Lachance Shandrow and Kim Lachance Shandrow  | May 17, 2015 06:10:00