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Run & Grow

Redesign your product to spark a price revolution

Here are the 3 ways

 With price-simplifying, price is the strategy. Everything else is tactics – the means to arrive at the target price. Price-simplifying rests on the observation that if you can halve the price, your market will more than double (and may well increase by ...

by Richard Koch  | November 30, 2016 12:00:00
Startup Tips

Why some prices are more right than others

Here are factors that determine what your most attractive price is

The whole field of marketing is strongly based in psychology. And this is absolutely true when it comes to pricing strategy.We’re all familiar with price tags that read US$ 9.99 or US$19.99. Do these really move more product than tags reading US$ ...

by Craig Simpson  | September 19, 2016 08:00:00
Run & Grow

Financial Adviser: To cut or not to cut my price?

A slight adjustment in pricing can spell a major difference between profit and loss.

Q: My business has been operating for three years now. It was doing great when we started but things have slowly changed with the entry of more competitors in our market. Our sales have been declining lately due to the competition. What ...

by Henry Ong  | May 10, 2016 05:00:00
Startup Tips

When clients ask for discounts, ask them, 'why?'

Set the line between incentives for a valued relationship and downright devaluation for your work.

I bought several new vests recently. One was from G-Star, another from Banana Republic. They were not cheap, but not unreasonably expensive, either. I paid the price the shop asked from me. What I did not do was haggle over the price ...

by Jurgen Appelo  | April 20, 2016 09:00:00
Startup Tips

Pricing lessons learned from a Vegas prostitute

Lesson no. 1: Know your value.

I love pricing. I also love going to Las Vegas, especially when it is to attend a pricing conference. True, that’s not the reason most people visit, but then most people are not as passionate about pricing.On this particular trip, it was ...

by mark stiving  | April 19, 2016 11:00:00
Startup Tips

Financial Adviser: Is my business in financial trouble?

What's the number one tell-tale sign? Rising debt-to-asset ratio.

Q: My business has not been doing well lately. Though I am hopeful that it will recover soon, I am anxious that I have to do something now to avoid any financial problems later. How do I know if my business is heading ...

by Henry Ong  | April 05, 2016 09:00:00
Startup Tips

Financial Adviser: 8 ways to improve your cash flow

Here are some tips to monitor, manage the cash that is flowing in and out of your business.

Q: My food business has been struggling with cash flows lately, as sales have yet to pick up. I am afraid that if the business will continue to suffer negative cash flows in the next few weeks, my working capital may be ...

by Henry Ong  | March 08, 2016 09:00:00
Startup Tips

Don't be the cheapest, be the best!

Having competitive prices is good, but improving the quality of your products and services is better.

Often, founders are worried about how they price their product compared to their competitors. They will find out what everyone else is charging and price their product towards the bottom end of the price range. Their reasons for doing this is they want to be competitive and ...

by Mike Templeman  | April 18, 2015 06:10:00

Financial adviser: Best value

Are you considering buying an existing business? Before going further, be sure it is priced fairly. Here are insights that can serve as your guide.

Q: A friend is urging me to buy her laundry business along España in Quezon City, but I don’t really know how to evaluate whether the price she gave me is fair. How do I know if the price is right? A: ...

by Henry C. Ong  | July 03, 2014 12:00:00
Startup Tips

Effective pricing: Factors to be considered

How should entrepreneurs put price tags on their products/services? Here are the factors that have to be considered for effective pricing.

by Christele J. Amoyan  | May 09, 2014 08:00:00