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Run & Grow

6 Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets to Getting Customers to Return

From giving gifts to increasing offerings, here are some ways to keep customers coming back

A one-time customer is a wasted opportunity. So we asked six entrepreneurs: How do you create repeat purchases?“We recognize our regulars, even if it’s a simple ‘Welcome back.’ People like to feel that they are being seen and noticed and are important ...

by Entrepreneur US Staff  | July 28, 2017 07:00:00
Business Ideas

9 ways to keep loyal clients happy

Maintaining old customers is cheaper than creating new ones

It makes better business sense to take care of your loyal customers than to chase after new clients.Why should businesses strive to nurture relationships with their loyal clients? For one, attracting a new customer costs twice as much as keeping an existing ...

by Entrepreneur Staff  | September 06, 2011 04:00:00