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Business Ideas

Starting a business with less than P10,000 in capital

You don't need a very large sum to start a business. If you would be more practical and creative, you can put up one even with a small amount of seed money.

What would you do if you have P10,000 in your pocket or savings account today? Many would surely intend to buy a new device, a fashion accessory, or food items. Some would opt to pay outstanding bills, do the grocery, or enjoy ...

by Carlo P. Mallo and Carlo P. Mallo  | May 18, 2015 12:00:00
Startup Tips

How to make your own glutathione soap

Procedures on how to make the popular skin whitening soap.

These days, a lot of women and men wish they had fairer or whiter skin—an aspiration that has become a great driving force for the health, beauty, and wellness industry.Glutathione is present in nearly all living cells and has the distinction of ...

by Mishell Malabaguio  | February 25, 2013 03:00:00
Business Ideas

Bathing in Success: From employees to entrepreneurs

Two entrepreneurs started making natural soaps as a hobby. Customers liked their products, so they quit their jobs and set up their own business.

Marge Gabat and Ana Gutierrez took advantage of consumers’ increasing demand for natural products and started producing bath and body lotions, balms and massage oils. Now they have regular customers including spas and salons. They’re looking forward to making more products and ...

April 04, 2011 04:00:00
Startup Tips

9 ways to succeed in the bath and beauty industry

Making soaps and body scrubs are easy, but penetrating this highly elusive and lucrative market can be challenging.

Making soap is an easy process that any aspiring entrepreneur can do. It’s a business that you can start without having to give up your arm and your leg for (Read how to make soap here). But it’s usually penetrating the market ...

April 04, 2011 10:00:00