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Here's a Platform For Pinoy MSMEs to Network and Expand Their Business Globally

GlobalLinker is a social media and business tool website for entrepreneurs

byNicai de Guzman |

Fake News Spreads Faster on Twitter Than Real News, Study Says

People share fake news over Twitter because they find the content novel, according to the MIT study

byMichael Kan |

Here's Why You Need to Stop Worrying About Facebook 'Likes' in 2018

The only metric that matters is revenue

byScott Oldford |

4 Social Media Stars Explain How You Can Get More Instagram Followers

These tech-savvy entrepreneurs break down how you can use your Instagram followers to grow your...

byMatt Sweetwood |

Can Social Media Persuade You to Spend More Money?

Research says, Yes! Moreover, which platform users prefer indicates how much they will spend

byJeremy Diamond |

Facebook's Newsfeed Changes Are Likely to Hurt Businesses and Brands. What Can They Do Now?

If Facebook is going to prioritize posts from actual people, then businesses need actual people to...

byKatherine Hays |

Pinoys Spent the Longest Time on Social Media in the World in 2017, Says Report

We Are Social and Hootsuite's report gives an overview of the digital space in the Philippines and...

byLorenzo Kyle Subido |

New Facebook Feature That Lets You Buy and Sell on Facebook Launches in PH

Have you noticed the Store button in your Facebook page lately?

byNicai de Guzman |

These 8 Social Media Influencers are All Under 10 Years Old

If these kids can make it happen, then we all have no excuse

byNina Zipkin |

Cryptocurrency Virus That Spreads Through Facebook Messenger is in the PH

Facebook Messenger + curious titos and titas = bad news

byEsquire Philippines |

For Job Seekers: Your Social Media Skills May be More Important Than Your School if Applying with Small Businesses, Says Report

Facebook study also details how SMEs use the social media platform to grow their businesses

byLorenzo Kyle Subido |

Your Facebook Likes Can Tell Advertisers If You're an Introvert or Extrovert

And they can tailor what you see based on that information

byNina Zipkin |